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Tell Me a Story with Jim Weiss
Stories for kids aged 2-8.

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Based on the series from Greathall Productions, winner of
  • Parents' Guide to Children Media Award
  • Parents' Choice Foundation Gold and Silver Awards
  • Film Advisory Board Award
  • Oppenhiem Best Audio Award
  • The American Library Association Notable
  • Children's Recording Award
  • Storytelling World Award
  • Booklist Editior's Choice Award
  • Pegasus Award
  • AudioFile Earphones Award
  • The Old Schoolhouse Award
  • Practical Homeschool Readers Award
  • Children's Music Web Award
  • Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice and Seal of Excellence Award(s)
  • INDIE Award
  • NAPPA Silver and Gold Award(s)


Featured stories in this first series of half-hour programs:

Program 1: Stone Soup and Puss In Boots
Program 2: The Shoemaker and the Elves and Rapunzel
Program 3: The Jungle Book: Mogli's Brothers and Tiger!Tiger!
Program 4: The Jungle Book: Red Dog and The Spring Running
Program 5: Paul Bunyan and the Tale of Johnny Appleseed
Program 6: Pecos Bill and the Fastest Draw in the West
Program 7: Uncle Wiggly: The Picnic and the Circus
Program 8: Uncle Wiggly: The Lion and the Camping Boys
Program 9: Uncle Wiggly: The Elephant and the Rich Cat
Program 10: The Giant of Grabbist and Jack and the Beanstalk
Program 11: The Selfish Giant and Finn McCoul
Program 12: The Brementown Musicians and Rumplestiltskin
Program 13: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, the Hare and the Hedgehog, and Things Could Always Be Worse
Program 14: The 12 Dancing Princesses
Program 15: Snow White and Rose Red and Sleeping Beauty
Program 16: The Emperor's New Clothes and the Tiger, the Brahmin, and the Jackal
Program 17: Anansi, Jabberwocky, Father William, the Yak, and the Duck and the Kangaroo
Program 18: The Story of Beatrix Potter and the Story of Satchel Page
Program 19: The Empty Cup, the Eye of the Beholder, Diogenes, and Alexander the Great and Diogenes
Program 20: The Gates of Heaven and the Beggar and the Baker

You can always find many more great stories at

Thanks Jim and Randi for putting together a beautiful series

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