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Classic jazz lullabies

with your host, Dr. David Anthony
Associate Professor of History, UC Santa Cruz

Heard 'round the clock on the Lullaby channel.
Each episode one hour long.


Listen to this week's archived program, Program 1

Each program weaves a mix of classic jazz with information about featured artists.
To learn more about our featured artists in this series:

Program 1: Django Reinhart
Program 2: Mary Lou Williams
Program 3: Nat King Cole
Program 4: Billie Holiday
Program 5: Fats Waller
Program 6: Art Tatum
Program 7: Sarah Vaughn
Program 8: Count Basie
Program 9: Duke Ellington
Program 10: Thelonius Monk
Program 11: Stephane Grappelli
Program 12: Lester Young
Program 13: Jimmy Durante
Program 14: Natalie Cole
Program 15: Benny Goodman
Program 16: Frank Sinatra
Program 17: Ella Fitzgerald
Program 18: Nancy Wilson
Program 19: Glenn Miller
Program 20: Coleman Hawkins

with many more to come!

Learn about the history of jazz at these sites
(not all ad free):

The Red Hot Jazz Archive

History of Jazz by Ted Gioia

Jazz Roots

Jazz Biographies

Hogan Jazz Archive- Oral Histories

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