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Classic children's stories live forever. But sometimes, it's hard to find where they live. That's the beauty of Kiddie Records Daily, and its producer, Kiddie Records Weekly.

Thanks to the dedication of a small group of volunteers, Kiddie Records Weekly was able to find and preserve hundreds of old childrens' LPs for a new generation of listeners. There's nearly everyone here- from Hopalong Cassidy to Paul Wing, Bing Crosby, and Orson Welles. It's simply a treasure trove of our shared culture.

Here are the albums featured in the first group of this series:

Little People's Band in Forestland
Tom Thumb
The Happy Prince- Bing Crosby and Orson Welles
Captain Bill Meets Feary O'Leary
Little Johnny Strikeout- Joe DiMaggio
Gerald McBoing Boing
The UnSuccessful Elf- Paul Wing
The Selfish Giant
Rusty in Orchestraville- Alan Livingston
Cinderella- Jeanette McDonald
Gosamer Wump
Puss In Boots
It's Fun to Eat
Inkas the Ramferinkas- Pinky Lee
Tick Tock Tale- Stanley Holloway
Herkimer the Homely Doll
Herman the Littlest Locomotive
Joey the Jeep
Peter Pan- Boris Karloff and Jean Arthur
Tubby the Tuba
Uncle Don's Playland
The Talking Mule
Belda's Talking Komics
Uncle Wiggly
Captain Kidd's Cats
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Pecos Bill - Roy Rogers
Build Me a House
Fisherman and the Flounder
Elves and Shoemaker
Baby Snooks' Cleanliness- Fanny Brice
The Eagle and the Thrush
Hopalong Cassidy's The Singing Bandit
Brave Little Tailor
Little Gnawman- George Rockwell
Willie and Hannibal in Mouseland
Herman Ermine in Rabbit Town

You can find out more about this great series and the preservation efforts by going to:

You can also hear individual archived recordings in mp3 at:

Kiddie Records Weekly 2005

Kiddie Records Weekly 2006

Kiddie Records Weekly 2007

Bonus Records

Thanks to our fellow volunteers at Kiddie Records Weekly for making this wonderful program series possible.

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